The Light Bulb:
1) Please use a CFL light bulb. We are accepting only the Vanity/Globe shape. The maximum allowable wattage for each individual bulb is 25 watts (real energy used, not incandescent equivalent). Bulbs can be purchased at hardware stores, such as The Home Depot, as well as many grocery stores. They are manufactured by many brands including: GE, Philips, and MaxLite. The websites below have clear descriptions and pictures of the kind of bulb we want:

2) Please use only paint to decorate the bulb. All types of paint are acceptable.

3) Please do not attach any structures to or in any way alter the shape of your bulb.

4) One bulb per artist.

Submitting Your Completed Light Bulb:
1) Please include a submission form with your name (as you would like it to appear on promotional materials), address, email, and an artist statement, optional (limit 500 words):

2) Please ship your bulb and form to Tarryn Teresa LLC at 1841 Stanford St, Santa Monica, California 90404. Please do not ask for a signature for the package.

3) Please include the original packaging with your bulb so that we can be sure that it meets the installation’s safety standards.

4) Light bulbs will not be returned after the exhibition.

5) Deadline for submissions is 5/31/10.

Submission Fee:
1) Please include $10 submission fee with your completed lightbulb. This will help
defray costs of installing the exhibition. Please make checks out to Tarryn Teresa
Gallery. To pay by credit card, please use the pay pal button. No cash please.

2) Submission fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Seeing the Installation:
The installation will be free to the public at George Sterling Park in Russian Hill, San Francisco starting in June.  Follow us on Facebook for more announcements.

By submitting a light bulb to Tarryn Teresa, you agree to the following:

1) Tarryn Teresa has permission to display the light bulb publicly and may reproduce an image of your light bulb for publicity purposes.

2) Tarryn Teresa is not liable for damage incurred to your light bulb during shipping, installation or the course of the exhibition.

3) Tarryn Teresa has the authority reproduce your artist statement in a book commemorating the installation and celebrating the artists who participated.

4) Tarryn Teresa has sole discretion as to whether your light bulb fits the criteria for display. If you choose a light bulb that does not match the specifications listed you may be forfeiting your right to participate. 

5) We will not show material that could reasonably be deemed derogatory or obscene.

6) We are unable to return bulbs.