Lights on L.A., a public art event celebrating Los Angeles-area artists, was displayed in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles from July 15-September 18, 2009.  The project, developed and organized by Tarryn Teresa Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, was composed of CFL light bulbs decorated by individual artists and then collected into a single, temporary exhibit. Each evening the bulbs were illuminated at the same time as city street lights, overwhelming the square with the light from the collected assembly of light bulbs.
Tarryn Soderberg conceived of Lights on LA as a way to focus attention on the arts during difficult economic times, when “nonessentials” typically suffer.  In the years before the financial crisis, Gallery Row in Downtown Los Angeles was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the city core from strictly business to a thriving residential and business center.  Ms Soderberg believes that it is imperative to recognize the important role arts institutions and individual artists played in this transformation. The installation was meant to serve as a reminder of the role that a vital and diverse artistic community plays in any successful urban environment at all stages of its development.
The installation was timed to coincide with Pershing Square’s free summer concert series. Lights on LA is grateful to Art Squared Gallery for their cooperation in putting together this event. 
Photography by Rian K Long
Photography by Harold Baldwin
Terry L. Ellis copyright 2009
Photography by Dena Hysell
Photography by Karen Haratani